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—  Heart of glass  —

yeah, we’re named after that blondie song


why Heart of Glass?

—we’re an O-Way salon —
what the heck is O-way? so glad you asked! O-way is short for Organic Way. it’s an amazing brand out of Italy that bases it’s products and packaging to not only do what it should, but be minimally impactful on the environment! packaging of products is 99% glass jars or aluminum tubes!

—  our stylists are the best  —
we think so, you can check out their work by going to our stylist page. we have stylists with different specialties so we can help find you the right one for your hair goals!

who are we?

—  always learning —
as a group, education is a vital necessity to staying on top of our game for our clients! we constantly take classes to make sure we can provide all services possible!

—  care about the community  —
we donate our time whenever possible. if you have an opportunity for us to give back, make sure you let us know!


—  appointments  —
we prefer appointments but we take walk-ins whenever possible

—  lawrenceville is our home  —
and we’re kinda in love. if you need a suggestion on where to grab coffee, ice cream or a bomb cocktail, we got you! we get around.

—  refill station  —
lots of people ask, so heres the down-low on our refill station. after you purchase a product, the container is glass. instead of recycling it, come in and refill it at our refill station! pretty easy. we’re trying to minimize the one-use plastics and the havoc they wreak on our earth but save you some money on that sweet sweet salon product, too!




—  heart of glass  —